Listen to the Red Hotz Mention on Shore 104 FM

Meet Fenway the Shore 104.3 FM mascot

Our constant need continued even when we were not in the car. We were listen to SHORE 104, based upon the station’s pure musical merit.

This was unsolicited listening, nothing to do with plugging our Vancouver show or playing a track from ‘Red On Blue’ CD. We couldn’t help ourselves, sure enough there we were bopping our heads and dancing around, and checking out the station’s web stream to SHORE 104.3 FM - LISTEN LIVE.

Even our agent Mario was listening to the station and called us when he heard the mentions of The Red hot Blues Sisters. We were repeatedly impressed with how many SHORE 104.3 tunes kept us going.

So as your sisters continued enjoying deep cuts of Blues, Americana, Rock, Lots of Bruce and Petty Bob Marley, and pretty much everything we wanted to hear. They just know how to pick great music and a bunch of Blues and Roots all day; not just saturdays or thursdays. ALL THE TIME!

Tuesday, after our own huge success with Blues Fest show, Mario came up with a great Idea...

Mario delivered a fantastic pre-show press package for the band; and elated at our musical enjoyment, we jumped in our cars and were off to the SHORE 104 offices with a special care package from Teri Mario and myself.  We didn’t expect to meet any one directly, but prepared a thank you pack to leave at the front desk.

If you have not heard about SHORE 104, don’t feel bad. They are brand new, and their very nice offices high enough you can view all of the sparkling downtown Vancouver skyline. From the broadcasts, you get the feeling these are a genuine great group of people; and this is reflected in their workspace.  Even the Feng Shui at the office was right. Lots of glass and open space and a mascot. Right, that’s Fenway (shown above) our new fearless hero and official Red Hotz Canine bandmate. SHORE 104.3 is also fortunate to have Jim Byrnes - on-air host for the station’s ‘Slipping Into Darkness’ show which airs Saturdays & Sundays from 8-11PM. Jim is an international Blues guitarist, recording artist, film, television, and voice talent. He also played the Vancouver Fest on Wednesday. There was a huge buzz about this Juno awarded (for best blues recording) performance at the Yale; as well. Unfortunately, Sister Teri and I were already back to Seattle by then, or we definitely would have attended.

We simply introduced ourselves; and the next thing we knew, we were treated to a tour, met the GM and several of the on-air and promotions folks. They were just remarkably friendly folks, and they really have the right idea for engaging radio.  Super shout out and thank yous to Doug Joy (weekday host of the ‘Evening Show’ 6PM - Midnight) for making sure we had the latest Winter Olympics' itinerary.

What a nice way to make sure we were right at home. Too cool. I’m hooked on the  guys gals music and on SHORE 104.3 FM. I am hitting the SHORE 104.3 FM Internet Streams daily, and so should you all!

Enjoy - Suze

So as we continue listening for the next couple of days  SHORE 104 help us to discover deep cuts of Blues, Americana Rock, Lots of Bruce and Petty Bob Marley, opular Canadian artist, and just everything we wanted to here. We repeatedly were impressed with how many tune kept us turning the stereo up and up and tapping the dash and just singing out loud to an awesome array of tuneage.