30th Annual Peace Concert Vendor Form- 15 Aug 2010  

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Peace Code Records (PCR) of Seattle has taken a lead in the community for the last 5 years by producing Peace Concerts in conjunction with Don Glenn's summer park concert series and the Seattle Parks & Recreation Department.

This FREE CONCERT and Local Merchant's Fair includes stellar local and international diverse talents and appeals to all ages; while providing a point of outreach for all citizens to contribute to the Northwest Harvest Food Bank.
All the Artists and production staff donate their time and money to put on this great event.
Vendors Educators and non-profit Fund Raisers are all invited to request a booth by filling out the form below.

Peace Code Records Presents
Seattle Peace Concert
Dates: Sunday, August 15, 2010
Gasworks Park Seattle WA
Operating Hours: 8AM - 6PM
Set-up: 8AM - 10AM Tear-Down 6:05PM

  • The PCR Seattle Peace Concert offers 10X10 feet booth space for this event.
  • Food vendors may only sell or supply pre-packaged food.
  • Before or during neither open flame nor cooking nor un-sealed food or drink containers are permitted on site at this event .
  • Proof of Food Handlers Certification is required and must be presented at event site.
  • All concessions must comply with Seattle/King County Department of Public Health and City of Seattle regulations for temporary outdoor food service.
  • All booths are outdoors. Vendors must supply their booth materials, all booth structures, counters, cash registers, extension cords, hoses, tables and signage.
  • Booth fees-
    • $75.00 for each non-powered 10 X 10 space
    • $250.00 Powered booths
  • Once your power requests are approved, an outlet will be available within 100 feet of your booth space.
  • Extension cords must be UL approved for outdoor use and shall service one appliance or one approved multi-plug power strip. All cords should be protected from traffic areas.
  • Multi-plug adapters must be UL approved and have a current electrical safety device. Cube adapters and other devices that increase outlets are not acceptable unless equipped with an internal circuit breaker. All spliced wires are prohibited.
  • Recycling is available for aluminum cans, plastic bottles, newsprint and flattened cardboard. Glass containers are NOT allowed.
  • Distribution of flyers, literature, balloons, or other materials is not permitted without advance approval.
  • Vendors are provided with limited volunteer assistance during the load-in and load-out process.
  • All applications require advance payment.

PCR and Seattle Peace will ensure that a wide variety of merchandise and food is represented at the 30th Annual Peace Concert. After the selections, all applicants will be notified of selection results no later than July 5th, 2010. There is no guarantee all applicants will be accepted.

The applicant agrees PCR and Seapeace.org their assigns, producers, or promoters may use approved applicants likeness, logos, web and press references and content for promotional campaign and event listings and print and broadcast press.

You hereby release and forever discharge PCR, City of Seattle, all sponsoring organizations, their directors, officers, employees, agents and volunteers from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, loss or damage arising out of or in conjunction with my participation in the August 15th Seattle Peace Concerts. You also discharge any failed electronic digital or mail delivery.
The Seattle Peace Concert will not be responsible for any injury sustained by exhibitors or in space designated for exhibits. You agree to maintain a clean and healthy environment for workers and visitors and promise to abide by all King County Department of Public Health, City of Seattle and Fire Department regulations. Furthermore, You understand that you store your booth and merchandise at my own risk. By submitting this application form, you - the applicant - acknowledges having received and read and agree to abide by all the rules set forth herein.

Please complete this application and send a payment by Monday June 28th 2010.
Make checks payable to Peace Code Rec and remit to PO Box 75132 Seattle WA 98175. If you are NOT selected for this year's Seattle Peace Concert on August 15th, Peace Code Records will return 100% of your booth fee. You may also apply to participate at other 2010 Seattle Peace Concerts visit www.seapeace.org

Describe the type of food or merchandise products you plan to sell in 20 words or less
(this may be used to describe your booth in the promotional materials should you be accepted):
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  Your Business Classification For Profit:    UBI/Tax-ID#:    Non-Profit:
Requesting One Non-Powered Booth: $75.00 USD
Requesting One Powered Booth: $250.00 by approval only
Do you need two booth spaces?